Every other Friday, from 4pm - 7 pm on Balmung.
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    Regular Casual RP on offer!

    The Coffer and Coffin hub is a dedicated effort to create more open world RP centered around the Coffer and Coffin Bar in Central Thanalan on Balmung.

    We start at 4pm ET and have our activity start at 5pm. Drop in anytime!

    Join us on Discord for news & community.

    Event Hosts

    Celia Gray, N'idawa Jahl & N'issa Rais


    We alternate between the activities so be sure to have your /yell on.

    Activities always start at 5pm ET.


    The house has made the worst alcohols thinkable available for a challenge.
    Combine the most disgusting slug you can think of and then survive taking a sip!
    Determined with a /random, if you roll above 900 then your character completes the sip fine. If you roll lower- it's a loss, and you'll have to decide how your character will suffer.
    If you make it, you'll make the Slug-Off Hall of Fame and gain the IC title of 'Sluglord'.


    In the drink off, you have to be the one with the strongest stomach.
    Through a series of pass-the-bar /random checks you will fight with the other attendees to see who can drink the most. The last person standing wins and is given the IC title of 'Iron Belly'
    In order to defend and keep the title, you must show up at the next Drink-off and win again.


    In the arm-off you go 1 v 1 in an arm wrestling competition.
    This contest is /random based, where the one who rolls best out of three gets to slam the others arm into the table. The winners will face the winners in a bracket-style competition until there is only one winner left.
    The winner, naturally, gets a place in the Hall of Fame and takes the IC title of 'Strongarm'.

    * Hosts cannot win the title/gil, but may insert themselves into the bracket to aid with numbers. In the unlikely event that a host wins the bracket, a rematch will be done between the losers of the first round.

    Hall of Fame

    Honored Be Their Names


    Andaurien Brightdawn
    Loksia Grimheart

    Iron Belly

    Ghazan Dotharl